Dave Babcock Talks Coyote Hunting
Dave Brockoff presented to the Gaylord Rotary Club about his hobby hunting coyotes. Dave said he started as a kid fox hunting in 1962. It wasn't until 1993 that he shot his first coyote. Coyotes weren't always in this area. Many people say the DNR reintroduced them to the area, but Dave doesn't believe that. He believes that they migrated into the area and have done particularly well because of the combination of swamp and woodland. One statistic says you can harvest 75% of the coyotes from an area without hurting the population. For that reason, coyote hunting doesn't require a license and is open year-round. It also allows radios for communications. 
The coyote population in our area is so strong that he shot 53 this past year and harvested 14 from one section alone. As for landowners, he's not turned down very often. He's even had some property owners who've previously thought they didn't have a problem call him back to hunt. When asked how he tells the difference between a dog and coyote print, he says coyotes usually have a narrower, longer paw print. They average 25 lbs in size. His largest coyote weighed in at nearly 50 lbs. 
There is a new breed called the Dakota coyote that has started to migrate East. In South Dakota, their hides are fetching $175-$280 per hide. They want the white stomach to use as trim and linings for coats.
Dave's hunting party consists of 5-6 men. Most are local. Some members have been from St. Louis Park, St. Michael and Plymouth. They stay pretty much within a 9-mile radius of Arlington, and in that territory, he's harvested a total of 500 since he first started hunting coyotes.  
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