Corporate Membership

An annual membership to the Gaylord Rotary Club costs $480. This pays for $120 in district and international dues to the organization. The remainder covers the annual cost for noon meals provided by EJs Bar & Grill. As a corporate member, companies can flex who they send as a company delegate each week. With the flex option, companies can get the maximum value out of their membership costs.

Personal Membership

A personal membership carries the same $480 annual cost of membership. For a personal membership, the Gaylord Rotary Club offers the flex benefit to a spouse or other family member. 
Attendance is not required of either membership, but the Gaylord Rotary club does encourage members to use their flex option to get the most out of their membership experience.

Rewarding Your Volunteer Efforts

Rotary’s Global Rewards Program is designed to thank its members for their volunteer efforts! Members can find many great deals worldwide. As a Rotary member you can find cost savings on airline flights, car rentals, hotels, restaurants, theme parks, entertainment, online retailers, and more! Reward offers can be utilized as soon as you become a Rotary member!