New members are asked to fill out the Member Application Form, so as to add member information to the club directory and identify your new member sponsor. Upon completion of the New Member Application, sponsors are required to review membership dues, current club officers and meeting layout with new members prior to their first meeting. New members should work out proposed first meeting dates with their sponsor and have the sponsor bring this to the attention of the club. A proposed first meeting date will be set for new member introduction!
First Meeting: New members will be formally introduced to the club through a brief new member induction ceremony. Afterwards, the new member is asked to give a 5 minute vocational, describing his/her place of employment, your role within the business and how your skills might benefit the Rotary organization.
When you arrive at meeting, fill out a lunch slip and bring it back to the register. There is no assigned seating. Please sit wherever you like.
New members will not be asked to provide any weekly programs or head any committees their first year, but are encouraged to volunteer wherever they like as a way to learn Rotary and build friendships within the organization.